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The Defensive Stance

A few weeks ago I took my daughter in for her first dental visit.  The appointment was at Children’s Hospital in DC. This location meant that we would have to park in a large underground garage, take an elevator to a large thoroughfare/lobby area, and walk down at least two large hallways, along with anybody […]

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Older Husband - August 22, 2012 - 3:21 pm

Happiness is more of a choice when the rest of your Maslow’s hierarchy is a little more complete. When you bounce like a pinball between doctors offices and the myriad “treatments” to help our son and vacillate too often between complete despair over our seeming inability to help our son and the slim reeds upon which we, as parents of autistic children, hang our hopes for a brighter future, it is hard to really think about what happiness is…let alone how to achieve it. I try to manage the mourning of the death of the son I was supposed to have and mitigate the pain of watching my actual son struggle with things a 2 year old could easily do by forcing myself to continue to believe that we will find something or somebody to help Max. I know the odds are against us, but, I need to believe.

Happiness is that feeling I’m saving for when (not if) we prevail …

Hang in Maya…I love you and at least we have each other despite our less than ideal circumstances!

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